PCOM News, February 8, 2014

By Jody Leffler

WOW!  What else can you say about the Home Grown Breakfast?  If it gets any bigger, we will be seating people in the preschool!  We turned quite a few tables in the Pastor’s Annex!

Over 400 people joined us for breakfast on Saturday, February 1, 2014.  Tom and Deb Horvath spearheaded this fundraiser and did an OUTSTANDING job.  

Although they probably started planning after last year’s breakfast, the actual preparation of food at the church started on Wednesday evening and continued through Friday.  Peeling, slicing, cutting, chopping, dicing, mixing and baking, just to mention a few of the “food prep” chores that needed “doing” before the doors opened on Saturday morning.  

There was also the shopping, table setting, washing and drying of trays, bowls, pots and pans, sharpening of the knives, and coffee preparation.  Outside the church, quiches were being made and lots of baking was taking place.  Prepping for 400 plus people is a lot of work.  Hosting Thanksgiving dinner pales compared to this.  It was a busy week for all involved.  

On the day of the breakfast, festivities started at 3:00 AM in the kitchen.  Batters needed to be made, food needed to be cooked, juice containers filled, and at the last minute all the goodies for the omelet stations had to be set up.  The doors opened at 6:00 AM and the Stem Brothers’ employees were waiting.  From that moment on, there was never a dull moment.  It was fast and furious!  Tickets were sold, people were seated, tables were bussed, omelets and waffles were made to order and then it started over again and again and again……….

In addition to Church members helping out, a number of folks from the community helped out. Sandy’s Bridge Street Café closed on Saturday morning and left a note on the door for their customers to join us at the church for breakfast.  In addition, some of Sandy’s employees “worked” the breakfast at the carving station and bussing tables.    The Home Grown Breakfast was truly a Community Effort and Event!

In passing, one of the guests told me she overheard someone ask how the breakfast worked. They were told “follow Pastor Linda, she will guide you”.   That says it all about our church leadership and involvement in the community!!!

Thanks to all who made this event such a SUCCESS!!!

By Marguerite York
Thank you to the members of our congregation and our community for last Sunday’s donations to the Frenchtown Food Pantry.  Because of your generosity, we were able to deliver 97 items, weighing 139 pounds, to the pantry.  Currently, there is a special need for canned fruit, chunky-style soups, Dinty Moore® Beef Stew, one-pound cans of coffee, salad dressing, laundry detergent, shampoo, and paper products.
On Saturday, February 15, between 9 AM and noon, we will be assembling shelving units and moving books at Milford Public Library.  Please contact Marguerite York mkyork0749@gmail.com or 908-996-3433) for more information about this community service project.